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My experience of getting married in the Republic of Ireland.

I have always wanted to get married away from home because I liked the idea of my friends and family being able to get away to relax and enjoy my big day. I looked at various venues that were just 'over the border' so it would not be too far away.

I wanted to get married in the Chapel, but came up against various problems. In some parishes unless you lived in the parish or your parents where from the parish, they would not marry you or you could get married in the chapel but you needed to provide your own priest.

The legalities of getting married in the Republic of Ireland mean you must go to the registrar in that area in person three months before your marriage to register. There are other necessities, but this is one of the main ones.

Thankfully, I have all legalities and the chapel sorted out for my day, but just thought I'd let people know about the problems they face when go to another parish so they don't get a shock!

Good Luck!